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At St. Andrew's, music is a vital part of worship. Congregational singing is integral to our worship; both hymns and service music are sung at our 10:00 am service.


We continually expand our repertoire of hymns with a hymn of the month program; and our service music changes with the liturgical seasons, offering us opportunities to learn new settings and to cycle in old favorites. The Church Hymnal 1982; Wonder, Love and Praise; My Heart Sings Out; and Lift Every Voice and Sing (authorized supplements to the Hymnal) are all resources that we use for congregational singing. We also have a small collection of other familiar hymns that we have put together and enjoy using for occasions such as our annual Ranch Mass.


Piano is our primary instrument for leading worship.

Special music for prelude, communion and postlude is varied; youth in the congregation who are studying a musical instrument are encouraged to share in this ministry.


        We strive to provide an atmosphere where the musical gifts of all the members, both adults and children, may be offered; and where we remember that we have a responsibility to offer our best in the worship of God Almighty.

To learn more about the music ministry please contact Coralee Petersen at 307 367-4627.

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