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No One Suffers Alone - Stephen Ministry

St. Andrew’s offers 15 trained Stephen Ministers to be matched

with hurting people throughout the community. Stephen Ministers

care for those dealing with grief, divorce, job loss, hospitalization, terminal illness and other life difficulties. Each Stephen Minister is matched with one person and all care is confidential and personal. To learn more, contact Madeleine Murdock at 307-367-2222.


Retirement Center Worship Service 

Every Monday at 10:45 a.m. a short Episcopal service is offered in the medical wing of the Sublette County Retirement Center in Pinedale. For the attending residents, scripture is read and old familiar hymns are sung. Volunteers from St. Andrew's pass out materials for the session. They sit with attendees, visit with them, and assist them in following the hymns and scripture. During the peace offering, volunteers give a hug or hand shake and greeting to each participant. It is a wonderful experience to see participant's faces light up as they sing a song or say the Lord's Prayer. Plan to schedule one small hour of your week on Monday mornings to participate. Contact Coralee Petersen to find out more about this ministry.


Home Communions 

This ministry trains Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEV) to take Communion to the homebound of our parish. If someone is aware of a need, make a call to the church at 307-749-3265 or email us at, prior to the Sunday service and a visit will be made.

Pastoral Care

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